Getting Organized

Libraries, like any other organization, should be, well, organized. When it comes to scheduling, calendar coordination, and productivity, Microsoft Outlook is a handy all-in-one solution if everyone involved is on the same network. For the sake of consistency, many libraries and librarians try to use a software suite like Microsoft Office because all of its … Continue reading

Multimedia Sharing

YouTube wins the “my choice” award for multimedia sharing. YouTube, which is now owned by Google, is a hosting site for videos. Users upload and share their videos, rate and comment on others’ videos, and meander through related videos with similar meta tags. It by far the popular video sharing site and one of the … Continue reading

Power to the People

Power to the People

As I explored these “23 Things,” I formed the opinion that some of the categorizations are inaccurate or meaningless because of the amount of multifunction crossover. Technology evolves too rapidly for these things to be defined by anything but their use. Facebook, for example, was originally intended as a social networking site. Some of its … Continue reading


As part of my “23 Things Assignment” to explore the various tools available to a tech-savvy librarian, or ‘cybrarian,’ I have begun blogging with WordPress. WordPress is a web log (blog) posting site that allows users to post content for free. Users can build and maintain a blog with a variety of design options. I chose … Continue reading