The Stand-Up Desk

This is a re-blog from The Art of Manliness. As I pursue my MLIS degree and do more research and paper writing, I become more comfortable working at a standing desk, especially with the onset of buttnumbness as a result of hours in a desk chair. Become a Stand-Up Guy: The History,Benefits, and Use of … Continue reading

Getting Organized

Libraries, like any other organization, should be, well, organized. When it comes to scheduling, calendar coordination, and productivity, Microsoft Outlook is a handy all-in-one solution if everyone involved is on the same network. For the sake of consistency, many libraries and librarians try to use a software suite like Microsoft Office because all of its … Continue reading

Multimedia Sharing

YouTube wins the “my choice” award for multimedia sharing. YouTube, which is now owned by Google, is a hosting site for videos. Users upload and share their videos, rate and comment on others’ videos, and meander through related videos with similar meta tags. It by far the popular video sharing site and one of the … Continue reading

Glad Handing, Smiling, and Drink Buying

 The answer to the question of networking site is “yes.” Libraries and librarians should use them all. Maintain a presence on the niche networking sites, for they serve their purpose. These include the LIS New Professionals Network, Librarians as Teachers Network, the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals, the American Library Association, and others. … Continue reading