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Discouraging Students is a Crime

As a long-time educator, I’ve always appreciated Mark Twain, particularly because I can encapsulate my opinions about education legislation with two of his quotes. The first is for my students. “I have never let my school interfere with my education,” demonstrates the importance of taking charge of your own life regardless of what The Man … Continue reading

The iPads are Here! Get the Skinny.

As part of our initiatives to modernize our resources, the Learning Support division has funded the purchase of 30 iPads, complete with a charging cabinet and synchronization center. Several apps have been selected to enhance students’ use of the tablets, and our librarians are busy developing workshops that will demonstrate ways students can integrate iPads … Continue reading

The Stand-Up Desk

This is a re-blog from The Art of Manliness. As I pursue my MLIS degree and do more research and paper writing, I become more comfortable working at a standing desk, especially with the onset of buttnumbness as a result of hours in a desk chair. Become a Stand-Up Guy: The History,Benefits, and Use of … Continue reading