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Scott Bokash

Changes in technology have always changed how we interact with information, knowledge, and learning. The integration of technology into every aspect of our lives enables educators to enhance their pedagogy in amazing ways. More importantly, it empowers us to take charge of our own education. This blog explores these enhancements, changes, and opportunities, celebrating the good ones and lambasting the bad. Technology for technology’s sake is not productive. That is where the “cutting edge” becomes the “bleeding edge.” The key is enhancement. This blog will school you on the best way to do things, whether it be old school or new school or a hybrid of both.

Why “Quixotic Librarian”? Quixotic because of the many lessons to be learned from Don Quixote, the first of which is “Perception is Everything.” It’s vital to learn to see the world around us in the right light, and equally important for each of us to individually interpret what that means because every new idea was once somebody’s wild and crazy thought. Don Quixote also teaches us the importance of having a cause and letting that cause guide our actions. Lastly, whenever reality doesn’t match our ideal vision, we should try our darndest to change it. The “Librarian” part of the title fits because librarians have always been the stalwart guardians of learning, preserving knowledge and guiding questing pilgrims. Librarians not only offer aide, but training, enabling patrons to fend for themselves and make good use of a library’s resources. Though my bent is ed tech, my lens is a librarian’s.

Educational Technology is my job, career, and hobby. I’m the manager of learning support technology at Valencia College in Orlando, Florida. I’ve always prided myself on being the “go-to guy” who always has a resource on hand, knows how to get things done, and finds solutions or work-arounds to your problems. I am currently pursuing my master’s degree in Library and Information Science. To complete an assignment for my Foundations of LIS class, I created this blog to explore “23 Things” and examine the various tools available to a tech-savvy librarian, or “cybrarian.” It has been revived for my Preparing Instructional Materials class and will continue to be revised to serve my professional needs and branding.


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