My First Game

I have created a game titled Gandalf’s Maze.

The players control Gandalf as he tries to find his way out of the goblin’s labyrinth before time runs out and he is crushed in a cave in. He can use his magic to blast through boulders in his path, but must beware of Gollum who will sneak up and throttle him. Game mechanics are described below.

WordPress won’t allow embedding from Scratch, so here’s a link.

The Game Mechanics of Gandalf’s Maze

  • The players will navigate through the maze to the exit.
  • They will be delayed and bounced back for running into the walls or rocks.
  • Rocks will repel player and must be blown up to be bypassed.
  • Explosions may cause a cave-in and expose teleportation shortcut.
  • Bumping into Gollum sends player back to start.
  • Game has countdown timer.
    • When time runs out, a cave-in destroys the maze

 Possible modifications

  • Hitting the walls sends player back to the beginning.
  • Rocks respawn and/or multiply, slowing down player’s exit.
  • Teleportation portal’s appearance and location is randomized.
  • Gollum stalks player.

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