Avoid the Time Suck with Pocket

Click to get Pocket

Click to get Pocket

The discovery that has changed my consumption of information the most is Pocket. Pocket, the reincarnation of the former Read It Later, premiered in 2012 (ages ago in cyber terms so may have known about it for a while). I only discovered it a couple of months ago, but it smoothly integrated into my daily routines. When I am keeping up to date on industry trends or reading articles, it is far too easy to go “link diving” and lose track of time. Pocket makes it tremendously easy to stay informed, explore interesting topics, and still work through the to-do list. As the tag line in the graphic tells you, when you find something you want to read or view later, put it in Pocket. It’s easy to add content to your Pocket from a browser, via e-mail, or directly from more than 300 apps. Pocket automatically synchronizes across platforms and devices. You can view the contents of your pocket anywhere and anytime: iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire, or browser. You can add tags to help you sort, archive, and retrieve items. The interface is clean, elegant, and ad-free. Best of all, Pocket (account, browser add-in, and apps) is fully functional and totally free; there are no upgrades, subscriptions, or “pro” options. getpocket.com

A couple of the reviews I read bemoaned the lack of Pocket’s ability to link with social media accounts, snoop on your habits, run algorithms on your metadata, and offer reading suggestions. However, this is one of the features I like the best; there’s too much interaction among sites and services as it is. I get plenty of reading suggestions from Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, et al. I can share things from my pocket, but nobody can view, follow, or subscribe to my Pocket. The only thing in my Pocket is what I put there, and I’m the only one reaching into it.


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