Power to the People

As I explored these “23 Things,” I formed the opinion that some of the categorizations are inaccurate or meaningless because of the amount of multifunction crossover. Technology evolves too rapidly for these things to be defined by anything but their use. Facebook, for example, was originally intended as a social networking site. Some of its users, however, use it for professional networking. Many also use it as their primary source for current awareness and multimedia sharing. This means that Facebook has found success by serve as a thing it never intended to be. Another prime example is the hashtag (#). Hashtags were NOT created by Twitter. They were birthed spontaneously because people started using them. #believeitornot

We the users of technology define what a thing is used for by the way that we use it. Most important, therefore, for the usefulness and survival of a thing is versatility in functionality. The more a thing can successfully and seamlessly interact with other things, the more it will be used and become useful. The most useful ability among these technology web 2.0 (or are we on 3.0 by now?) is the ability to compile from a variety of sources and add some sensible curation to the flood of educational, resources, and information minutiae.

Libraries need to make use of all of these tools in managing their brand. It can be easy to reach out to patrons by coordinating all of the things in conjunction with each other. Write a blog, but post the blog entries to Facebook. For things with similar purpose, but separate audiences, duplicate; maintain a Delicious and Pinterest presence, posting the same content, but reaching the users of both.

This graphic is an original design of artist Von Glitschka. http://artbackwash.blogspot.com/2009_08_01_archive.html


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