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IC DC Independent Practice Game

ICDC’s For card sort game Sentence Rules revisedfall2011 The attached files are the raw material for a learning game designed for developmental writing classes. The students complete the game to follow up on an intro to sentence parts. This bit was on independent and dependent clauses. As this is a formative assessment, the attached Rules … Continue reading

Jane McGonigal Changed My Life

Jane McGonigal has changed my life. She was my first experience with TED and her “Gaming Can Make a Better World” not only hit on an idea I had been toying with as an educator, but she inspired me to take exponentially further. In World of Warcraft, players interact in and open world, collaboratively and … Continue reading

Video Games in Libraries

Considering nominations for video game additions to a library’s collection, I take into account many factors, but the potential for open creative play is key. Therefore, my first nomination is for Minecraft. Minecraft was first released for the PC on May 17, 2009. It gained in popularity quickly, but really took off when the Xbox … Continue reading

My First Game

I have created a game titled Gandalf’s Maze. The players control Gandalf as he tries to find his way out of the goblin’s labyrinth before time runs out and he is crushed in a cave in. He can use his magic to blast through boulders in his path, but must beware of Gollum who will … Continue reading